mrp matila röhr productions

MRP MATILA RÖHR PRODUCTIONS is a company that produces feature films in Finland and abroad which two film industry professionals, Marko Röhr and Ilkka Matila, have been building since 1990. Over 50 award-winning films, international co-productions and numerous underwater documentaries and television series all represent the vision and professionalism of the company. Many MRP's films are considered milestones in the history of the Finnish film industry and have been highly acclaimed by both the audiences and the critics alike. In Finland, films produced by MRP have sold over 3 million tickets in film theatres.


Malcolm the Maggot and His Bug Band Rock is an animation feature film (80 min) for the whole family. The project is in development stage and the third version of the script is to be done by the end of the year 2018. Production company is MRP Matila Röhr Productions and the key members are: Kari Juusonen (director and writer), Leo Viirret (Writer), Janne Kopu (Character Designer and Art Director), Hanna Kauppi and Marko Röhr (Producers). Estimated budget depends on the co-production country (around 6 000 000 - 9 000 000 EUR). Estimated delivery is 2021/2022.