Långfilm Productions

Långfilm Productions is growing steadily. Since the foundation of the company in 2001, Långfilm Productions has created contacts to the film-industry in other countries. The main interest of the company is to produce feature films, even though the company develops and produces shorter fiction, creative documentaries, TV- series and animations. It is the content that defines the form. The company wants to be part of artistic and high quality productions. Långfilm Productions is always keen to find projects, which have international potential.



“Game seven” is written by Tapio Rosengren and Långfilm Productions owns the rights. The story that takes place in an ice hockey environment includes both drama and suspense  spiced with a romantic dimension.  At his moment we have a third version of the script. There will be a big need for development as we want to create a script that could possibly suit for a Chinese as well as a Finnish audience.