it’s alive


We make films. We love it. We make TV-content too. We love it too. And every year we make one short film. Guess why?

Teemu Nikki, a director and a filmmaker and Jani Pösö, a producer and a writer, met for the first time in 2001 through commercial work. In 2007, they wrote and produced their first fiction, a short film titled ”A Mate”. It got nominated for over 50 film festivals, including the Sundance Film Festival. They wrote and produced their first feature 3Simoa (Simo times three) shortly after that.

In addition to Euthanizer (Finlands Oscar Nominee 2018), their best-known works are an award-winning TV/web/feature format called Lovemilla – a huge blockbuster with over 14 million views from Finland, and Mental (Sekasin) an award-winning pitch-black comedy about mental problems among young people. So far It’s Alive has produced 18 short films, 3 feature films, and 2 TV-series.


“Thank you for playing” is a digital series depicting the epic war between man and machine, mixing dark humor with a psychological thriller. It tells the story of five of the best professional gamers in the world, sent to the northernmost part of Europe, Lapland, miles away from the civilized world. Lost in the sleepless days of an eternal sunshine, our young heroes are plunged into the twists and turns of an icy thriller, where the virtual and the real world seem almost impossible to differentiate. And every time they lose a game, the unbeatable AI sends them the same message, like an odd mantra:  “Thank you for playing. It was fun.”