ink & light

Ink and Light was established in 2012 to produce quality content for children and family audiences. With bases in Finland and Ireland, the company is perfectly placed for European co-production. In September 2018 Ink and Light was nominated for the Cartoon Producer of the Year Tribute at Cartoon Forum, one of the animation industry's most significant annual events.

Previous work includes "Harry and Bip", a short form comedy series that has sold around the world to channels including Disney, YLE & SRC. It is distributed by TFF in China. We have a busy slate lined up for the next two years and are interested in new co-production, financial and distribution partners.


Stories from Backwoods is a pre-school series with a fresh take on the Scandinavian fable tradition. Rooney, a city raccoon, finds herself picked up by a rubbish truck and deposited in the strange forest of Backwoods. A lonely but very bouncy Hare finds her and offers to be her friend. Together they will figure out how this friendship thing works and where Rooney fits in to this new, slightly odd community. 
52x11 minutes, 4-6year olds, CG animation with a stop-motion feel.
Ink & Light (Finland & Ireland) and Studio Soi (Germany) producing.
In Development, Production to start Fall 2019, Available for broadcast end 2020.